Act LX of 2021 has introduced the requirement that a Malta company includes an adequate electronic mail address of the company in its Memorandum. On the 6th of July 2022, the Malta Business Registry (“MBR”) has issued a notice requesting companies to provide an adequate electronic mail address that is accessible to all the directors and company secretary to the MBR  by 30th September 2022. In terms of the said notice, the MBR state that it is advisable that this is done by filing an updated memorandum and articles of association at the MBR within the said timeframe. In the instances where this is not possible, one may address a formal letter to the Registrar of Companies. 

The MBR has notified that the scope of this requirement is two-fold. The first being that it is envisaged that electronic communication with the company will increase efficiency both in terms of timing and also in terms of reducing reliance on paper format communication. Secondly the MBR states that this move will contribute to the MBRs efforts in implementing sustainable governance measures reflecting national and European Union initiatives and also in synchronisation with the European Green Deal. 

Should you require any assistance in complying with this requirement, we at KPMG can assist you.

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