Under the Microscope in its quinquennial year

We are pleased to welcome you to the quinquennial edition of Under the Microscope.
This year marks the fifth edition of the publication and we trust you will find the content as insightful, thought provoking and valuable as that which comprised the previous four editions.
Sixty months on, we have ensured to keep the focus of the Publication – which is to provide a unique document encapsulating an analysis of the financial performance of local Credit Institutions, supported by an array of thought leadership pieces aimed to get our readers, informed and excited about new trends and developments in the wider financial services sector.
In this year’s publication one can find articles which touch upon leadership and coaching, strategy, regulation and technology, all rolled into a flavoursome read for financial services players – operators, regulators and practitioners alike.
For each thought leadership piece we have included a QR code which will whisk you away to the relevant author’s web page. Here one can find more information on the topic and services offered on the subject matter.
We trust you will find this edition of value and as a point of reference; as was our intention when developing this publication.

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