Amir Khirudin

Amir Khirudin - Manager, Audit Services

Working at KPMG has been a highly rewarding experience and one of the wisest decisions I have made in my professional journey within the financial services industry.

KPMG has helped me grow both on a personal and professional level, with the opportunity to foster meaningful relationships with diverse clients, act as a team player with like-minded individuals, and build bridges with industry professionals through extensive networking. Thanks to the learning and development opportunities offered by the firm, I have also been able to expand and strengthen my skill set, allowing me to make meaningful contributions to a growing field.

The firm’s foundational values: integrity, excellence, courage, together, and for better, have been instrumental in both my own success and that of the team. In my role as a Manager within the Audit function, the value of integrity has held significant importance, acting as my guiding principle - ensuring that I consistently prioritise clients’ interests, uphold moral and fair conduct, and always hold myself accountable, even in the face of adversity.

As a KPMG employee, I take pride in being part of a network where ambitious individuals are able to advance in their respective fields, inspire one another, and thrive together.