Rewarding careers

Rewarding careers

Four new partners discuss what it means to be part of KPMG.

Four new partners discuss what it means to be part of KPMG.

Four partners, from four different regions, sat together to reflect on the opportunities they have had to build rewarding careers with KPMG -- the value of KPMG’s culture, how KPMG supports communities in their countries, what it means to them to be part of a purposeful organization, and the best part of their careers with KPMG.

When you think about your experience to date with KPMG, what stands out?

Penny: KPMG has enabled me to expand my skills and knowledge. I have been able to learn from every assignment, and my contribution is recognized and valued.

Stephanie: I've had the opportunity to work with many different clients, and I spent two and a half years in New York on an assignment providing services to various German multinationals. There has not been a single day that was boring at KPMG and that’s what I really like about it.

Mohammad: KPMG has presence in 33 of the 53 countries in Africa and there has been a tremendous opportunity for me to build relationships across borders, both professional and personal. These relationships are very useful in serving clients more seamlessly anywhere they are in Africa.

When you think about your experience to date with KPMG, what stands out?

Stephanie: There is a culture of openness – KPMG in Germany fosters a spirit of innovation and encourages new ideas and collaboration.

Penny: The KPMG culture is one of leading by example and acting with integrity. It means that what you do and what you say are consistent.

Jorge: KPMG in Mexico has a very inclusive culture, you can feel it from your first day and it is encouraged by everyone in the firm.

What gives KPMG a strong sense of purpose?

Stephanie: Being an employer of choice for talented people requires us to play a broader role in society – this is what KPMG does.

Penny: KPMG not only builds a trusting relationship with clients, we help clients build the same relationships with their stakeholders.

Jorge: Our business is to serve not only clients and make them successful, but also to serve our communities. KPMG employees are proud that their work helps to achieve these goals.

How does KPMG support your communities?

Penny: KPMG China is very focused on supporting education. After the earthquake in 2008, we helped to rebuild three schools and each year KPMG people go to one of the schools to offer teaching support.

Jorge: We have adopted the KPMG Families for Literacy program in Mexico – we provide new books for the students, in areas where new books wouldn’t otherwise be available, and KPMG people go to the schools and read to students.

Stephanie: KPMG in Germany has a number of programs aimed at education. One that I like very much is where KPMG people help less educated students in finding a job – acting as a coach in writing a CV and application letter, or rehearsing for a job interview. Mohammad: KPMG in Nigeria adopted a school in Lagos where we have not only provided books but also helped to build a library. Our other area of focus is health – we have programs to raise money for indigent hospital patients who are unable to pay their medical bills.

What is the most valuable thing you have gained from your career with KPMG?

Mohammad: I’ve worked with great people and received mentorship that has helped propel my career. I feel obligated now to provide that mentorship and to help others succeed.

Jorge: KPMG has provided new experiences throughout my career that have opened many doors for me.

Stephanie: The people I have the honor to work with who inspire me and have helped me to get where I am today.

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