Value Chain Management

Value Chain Management

Businesses are increasingly seeking to re-engineer their supply chains to optimise their operational and financial efficiencies.

Businesses are increasingly seeking to re-engineer their supply chains.

Many businesses have recognised that supply chain initiatives may deliver far greater benefits if tax planning is added to the process.

The results of a tax efficient Value Chain Management can be powerful. Value Chain Management can more than double the benefits of corporate restructuring, compared with supply chain initiatives or tax planning solutions adopted in isolation. It is imperative however that the revised tax and legal structures should be based on – and aligned with – business processes, as against being simply tax driven.

Backed by years of experience in the manufacturing industry, and the recent success as a financial services hub, Malta has emerged as a strong Value Chain Management and Logistics hub offering a tax-favourable jurisdiction. Furthermore, the country offers a in combination of attractive tax planning solutions, coupled with the business acumen and infrastructure required to service the industry.

The various ingredients to which this success can be attributed are:        

  • Malta’s Strategic Location - Right on the major global trade route bridging two markets with convenient, established, cost-effective feeding networks
  • Extensive shipping connections
  • Customs suspension procedures / Free-zones
  • Efficient customs clearance into the EU
  • A favourable business environment
  • Highly-qualified, multilingual workforce - English is one of the national languages
  • Flexible, international legal and accounting
  • Attractive specialist fiscal and non-fiscal incentive packages

How can we help you?

Our qualified and experienced advisory and legal team are not only able to offer consultancyservices covering all aspects of the supply chain and customs issues, but willclosely work together with you to provide a practical, hands-on solution toyour issues. 

Should you wishto find out more about the Value Chain Management and Logistics sector inMalta, and what we can offer to assist you, do feel free to get in touch. Wewould love to help.

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