Electronic payments available to Internal Revenue Department

KPMG Myanmar Tax Alerts - 7 August 2020

KPMG Myanmar Tax Alerts - 7 August 2020

The Internal Revenue Department “IRD” first implemented electronic payments for taxpayers in 2018. The IRD introduced additional payment channels in early 2020 and has been promoting this publicly. The IRD has also clarified that taxpayers should utilise these electronic payment channels from 1 October 2020.

Electronic payments available to Internal Revenue Department

Some of the electronic payment channels are as follows:-

  • Customer Credit Transfer using CBM -Net
  • MPU Debit card
  • CB Pay, CB internet banking
  • AYA Pay, AYA mobile and internet banking
  • UAB Bank – Sai Sai Pay
  • KBZ internet banking
  • MAB mobile banking

The above electronic payment channels are currently available for taxpayers who have a nine digit Taxpayer’s Identification Number (“TIN”) for corporate income tax and commercial tax. Individual taxpayers are currently not able to use the above channels. The IRD will issue a tax receipt via email to the taxpayer's registered email address for the successful payment.

The IRD intends to allow companies with registered TIN to be able to make online payments to respective tax office for employee’s personal income tax in the near future. A mobile app will also be introduced to replace current tax payments record books for personal income tax records.

To be able to use the electronic payment channels, taxpayers will be required to register with the IRD.

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KPMG can assist in advising on how best to apply for and utilise the above. Please feel free to reach out to our professionals to discuss how these changes would impact your businesses.

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