Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Our payroll outsourcing service is wide-ranging.

Our payroll outsourcing service is wide-ranging.

Our payroll outsourcing service includes all payroll activities from the initial input data collection, calculation of the monthly salaries based on the Macedonian legislation, uploading the payroll data into the integrated system for salary calculation (MPIN) as well as performing statutory accounting and business requirements such as preparing and filing the necessary reporting, preparing reports for management purposes or as per the request of the internal/external auditors and other authorized bodies and institutions. 

KPMG’s Payroll team has a vast experience in providing payroll services. This includes preparation of payroll for: (i) all employees in a company; (ii) the management staff of a company; (iii) a company’s expatriate population.

We are not just a payroll provider. 

We work closely with our clients and develop relationships based on mutual trust, and we provide proactive services targeted to the specific needs and requirements of your

We focus on your particular needs.

We adapt our services to meet your particular needs, and in the end, you receive the service mix that fits your requirements. 

We have the skills.

We invest heavily in training for our employees and tasks which other firms do not offer are commonplace for us. 

We help reduce risk.

We provide continued and ongoing access to resources, we help increase confidentiality, and we provide knowledge you might not have in-house. 

We bring added value.

We focus on your interests, and via our straightforward and ongoing advice, you can gain better insight into your company. This then allows you to run your company better.

We work with our clients to help improve processes, though we do so while keeping our client’s present processes and solutions in mind. We therefore devote significant effort to the initial process set up and agree with you the most appropriate communication. 

We can provide our payroll accounting services either in our offices or partly or completely in your offices. In all cases, ongoing contact between your team and our payroll accountant is a given. 

We also offer payroll accounting for your company’s management level staff. Whether this work is delivered as a stand-alone service or as a separate part of a full-outsourcing engagement, you can rely on an increased level of discretion. 

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