Few organizations in the world have as much potential influence on the business sector as KPMG.

Few organizations in the world have as much potential influence as KPMG.

Corporate citizenship

As well as our Global Green Initiative, here is an insight into a few initiatives that our member firms around the world are involved in. 

Win-green situation 

In Romania, our efforts translated into saving 322 trees by decreasing electricity consumption by 3.3 percent and natural gas consumption by 20 percent, which resulted in a 7.7 percent CO2 emissions reduction in 2008 compared to 2007. Collecting and recycling paper and plastic waste, reducing the amount of paper we use, increasing the use of recycled paper and implementing an environmentally friendly travel policy, added to our efforts to reduce our impact on our local environment.

Emission reductions

KPMG in Japan have introduced a scheme aimed at achieving the 6 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions promised in the Kyoto Protocol. KPMG in Australia have become carbon neutral under Australia's Greenhouse Friendly™ accreditation from the Department of Climate Change. And in 2008, KPMG in Brazil asked every employee to set at least one goal in their appraisal process which focused on reducing their individual carbon footprint.

Environmental projects

KPMG in India have commissioned rainwater harvesting systems in two residential areas and schools that will save up to 14 million liters of water a year. KPMG in the Cayman Islands supports the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) and the Ocean Literacy program. And KPMG in South Africa is helping to ensure the survival and sustainability of the elephant population by funding and supporting a program that has successfully relocated more than 850 elephants.

Responsible consumption

KPMG in the U.K. has an advanced Consumption Program. As a result, over 95 percent of electricity comes from renewable sources and they have seen a 24 percent reduction in waste over 5 years. Every office in KPMG in the U.S. has a Green Team of volunteers focused on introducing environmental practices. And KPMG in Saudi Arabia implemented a paper recycling program in 2008 that resulted in 720 kilos of paper being collected in just three months.

To gain a greater insight into climate change and to see first hand its impact on the environment, KPMG’s Leah Jin and Brad Sparks visited Antarctica, as a part of a fact finding mission, only to return as climate change ambassadors, raising people's awareness of the environmental and business impacts of global warming, watch a film highlighting their experience on the expedition.Contact usPlease contact us if you have any questions about KPMG services or any other inquiries.

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