Our team is diverse – it makes us stronger. That's why we focus on creating an inclusive environment where our people can thrive both as professionals and as individuals. This includes investing in their skills and knowledge, making sure that our employees feel good, both physically and mentally, by providing support, and encouraging employees to lead and engage in some initiatives that address various aspects of sustainability in the environment and society in which we live.

Physical and mental health


KPMG Latvia's main value is its employees, so it is important that they feel good not only in the work environment, but also outside of it.

Taking care of the health and well-being of our employees, KPMG Latvia leading motive is #StayActive. KPMG Latvia employees are encouraged to implement various sports activities in their daily lives - to go to the office by bicycle, use the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a run or spend time for their favorite sports. To make it easier to lead an active lifestyle, KPMG Latvia offers its employees the opportunity to attend group classes  for free, KPMG teams beach volleyball practice, and challenges where employees compete in running, cycling or long-distance walking - in both athlete and amateur disciplines. KPMG team also participates in Riga marathon every year - now we have already covered a distance similar to the way to London and back.

Moreover, in summer the working hours of KPMG in Latvia on Fridays are reduced by half (four-hour working day) to let the team fully enjoy the summer - go to the nature, focus on sports activities or simply relax.

As our employees’ mental and physical well-being is put above all else, in addition to practical training in work-related areas employees of KPMG in Latvia are offered various webinars and trainings within the Well-being Program. This is especially important during the pandemic, when we strengthen the team spirit and the mental health of each colleague remotely, both in our daily work and in the form of remote lectures. Employees have access to health insurance, which also includes mental health care services.

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We believe in a future where everyone feels included regardless of their age, race, belief, sexual orientation or gender.

We are among the first companies in Latvia to join and sign the Latvian Diversity Charter. It is a voluntary agreement aimed to promote respect and inclusion in the workplace. At the event KPMG was represented by partner Evija Šturca: “We at KPMG are aware that diversity of people in our team is one of the success factors that contributes to our business and growth.”

In March 2021, KPMG in Latvia organized “Inclusion & Diversity Week” – a series of 3 online events targeted at promoting the discussion about an environment that allows everyone to feel included, regardless of their age, skin color, belief, sexual orientation or gender. During the events, guest lecturers and KPMG representatives shared valuable presentations and experience stories on several aspects of diversity: gender equality and its balance in organizations, intergenerational cooperation and the LGBTQ perspective.

In order to continue this discussion, the team of KPMG in Latvia met in an online event called “Inclusion & Diversity Workshop”, which sought to raise awareness of unconscious biases. During the meeting, discussions took place about various everyday situations when we face unconscious biases. Together we analyzed and shared opinions and experiences.




KPMG holds annual charity auctions in which KPMG employees auction their own gifts to other colleagues, from healthy sweets to equestrian trainings. The proceeds of the auction are donated to charity – to one of KPMG's priority areas of corporate responsibility.


Voluntary work


Brīvprātīgais darbs

KPMG's policy - every employee has the opportunity to use three paid working days during the year to engage in any desired corporate responsibility activities. This is the way we promote the involvement of employees in various activities with the aim of improving the social environment, promoting sustainability, as well as taking care of nature.



KPMG employees have the opportunity to travel and work in other KPMG offices to gain international experience, broaden their horizons, knowledge and skills, and return home to share this new experience not only with our colleagues but also with clients.

KPMG in Latvia also has a development program "Support for Managers", which aims to help managers and future managers become better, more confident and improve in achieving both their individual and company goals. This program is part of the overall employee development and training plan for 2021.

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