Feedback welcome

Feedback welcome

KPMG takes any complaints about the quality of our services or the behavior of our people very seriously.

Please share your concerns if you are not satisfied with us.

Whistle-blowing hotline

KPMG is committed to quality and maintaining the highest standard of client services. On the rare occasion we are unable to reach this high level of excellence or you are not satisfied with any aspect of your dealings with KPMG Luxembourg you are invited to share your concerns with a trusted partner or a senior member of staff. If this fails to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, or if you wish to report possible illegal, unethical or improper conduct involving KPMG Luxembourg or any of its people, please follow one of the following courses of action:

  • Contact Stephen Nye, Head of Quality and Risk Management, either by e-mail or by writing to him at KPMG Luxembourg, 39 Av. John F. Kennedy, 1855 Luxembourg.
  • Contact our whistleblowing hotline, which is operated by ClearView Connects, an external organization that provides a platform for reporting issues or concerns. Reports can either be submitted via a secure website, by phone or in writing, and can even be made anonymously, if desired. To submit a report by phone, contact the KPMG International Hotline by calling the toll-free number 00800 5555 5522 at any time. The toll-free number may not work from all locations, mobile phones or pay phones. If your call does not go through, please alternatively dial the US collect number: +1 647 438 6817 (standard rates may apply). All concerns raised through the hotline will be investigated either directly by, or under the supervision of, our Ombudsman.

Whistle-blowing Hotline

Our whistle-blowing hotline, which is operated by the external provider ClearView Connects, provides a platform for reporting issues or concerns. Read more.

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