About the report

Insurers continue to experience pressure on growth in the domestic market. Contemporaneously, insurers are expected to grow, sustain, and indeed improve, underwriting performance and margins. Increased disclosures and understanding of the market, shareholder interest, regulatory monitoring and more sophisticated market analyses are changing the landscape and it is in the best interest of insurers to be ready for this change proactively. This would mean that insurers have to find alternative solutions to achieve top line, profitable growth.

In this environment, we feel our second issue of the insurance sector report would provide you with insights on market trends that would assist you in formulating strategy for the long term. Technology, would provide opportunities that can be utilized for growth as our piece on InsureMe and Cyber Insurance would demonstrate. We have also further analyzed the road to IFRS 17 to provide you an insight to the proposed changes in the landscape.

Our Insurance team has researched and compiled this report and are open to discussion. Contact our Head of Insurance: Suren Rajakarier

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