Answering The Call

Answering the Call

KPMG in the UK aids Lockeed to make the IT design a success.

KPMG in the UK aids Lockeed to make the IT design a success.

Helping upgrade London’s Metropolitan Police command and control IT infrastructure.

When London’s Metropolitan Police Force, the UK’s largest force, needed to upgrade its command and control IT infrastructure with a redesigned, future-ready system, it turned to Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace leader. Lockheed Martin then turned to KPMG in the UK, a leader in justice, security, and defense consulting, for the business processes to make the IT redesign a success.

“The primary cause for failure of IT redesign programs is typically not technical, but rather related to business change,” pointed out Andrew Jackson, lead KPMG partner for Lockheed Martin in the UK. “KPMG is providing support to complement Lockheed Martin’s system design in three broad areas – improving processes, developing a business change program and providing the training.”

The IT system is mission-critical for the Metropolitan Police – it is the system that impacts how all emergency calls for police assistance are handled in London. So proper training is a crucial component. The resources of the KPMG Learning Academy in the UK will be used to design and implement extensive classroom training, including scenario planning and e-learning modules that will be developed to provide ongoing training support.

“KPMG in the UK has done significant work with about two-thirds of UK police forces. In this case, we have also worked closely with KPMG’s Global Justice and Security Center of Excellence and KPMG in the US to ensure we are aligned with Lockheed Martin’s requirements,” said Paul Dixon, director with KPMG’s Government practice in the UK.

“This is increasingly the way we work with clients such as Lockheed Martin,” added Jackson. “Rather than providing services to them, we are working with them to successfully bring a stronger set of capabilities to the marketplace.”

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