Selection stages

Selection stages

Learn more about selection procedure in the company

Learn more about selection procedure in the company


Registration in KPMG Recruitment System is just a first step in KPMG recruitment process. To register with the KPMG Recruitment System, you just need to leave a response to a vacancy, or submit your CV to our email. Under this heading, you will find information about all stages that a candidate has to go through.

Stage one – testing

After a candidate applies to a vacancy, he\she passes the initial CV screening. After which, suitable candidates receive a phone call from a recruiter. If CV screening and phone interview are successful, your candidacy proceeds to the testing phase. He/she receives links to pass two online tests: test for ability to deal effectively with the numerical information and that for the text information. If a score exceeds the established minimum, a candidate is invited to participate in the next stage – technical competence testing. Technical competence tests will depend on the position you apply for.

Stage two – interview with HR specialist

After successful passing the testing stages, a candidate is invited to meet a representative from the recruitment group. It is important for a candidate to be well prepared for an interview: to read information about the company, position (look through a job description); pay attention to the appearance; find out the address in advance and think of the route.

Interview usually takes from 45 to 60 minutes. It is held mostly in the Russian language; however, the knowledge of English is also assessed. During the interview the level of your motivation and personal characteristics will be assessed as well as your overall professional qualification.

Stage three – interview with the department management

At this stage from one to three interviews may be held with the managers and directors of the department you are selecting for. At this stage your professional skills, compliance with the company’s competences and motivation are assessed.

Once an interview with the Manager/Director has been successfully passed, you may be invited to have a meeting with a Partner. This is a final stage of the selection process.

Stage four – job offer

If you have successfully passed stage three, you will get a verbal job offer and then an official written job offer from KPMG. You are strongly encouraged to make decision on whether to accept a job offer within three business days. We would be glad if in your effort to initiate a bright and successful career you will make a clear choice in favour of our company.

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