KPMG Capital investments

KPMG Capital investments

KPMG Capital does more than simply invest in tomorrow’s business solutions. It helps them grow.

KPMG Capital helping enable next wave of disruption and innovation.

Investing into clients’ future

KPMG Capital is helping enable the next wave of disruption and innovation. And they are fostering great ideas that help companies succeed.

KPMG Capital does more than simply invest in tomorrow’s business solutions. It helps them grow, perform and succeed by helping bring together the right experience, the right infrastructure and the right opportunities to turn great ideas into business value.

As the investment arm of the global KPMG network, KPMG Capital is investing in companies that live on the leading edge of innovation. Their investments accelerate and commercialize innovative software solutions that leverage core strengths and help create competitive advantage for organizations around the world.

The portfolio of investments includes:

Astrus: Address the new and evolving risks of working with third-party organizations by combining the power of D&A with the value of global information to improve third-party due diligence and risk monitoring.

Label Insight: Get actionable insights on a broad set of relevant risk, cost and growth issues, such as meeting consumer demand for product transparency, customizing inventory, enhancing customer loyalty and streamlining regulation and compliance.

Find out more about KPMG Capital, the portfolio of investments and partnership opportunities.

© 2017 KPMG Capital Holding Limited and KPMG Capital Limited (“KPMG Capital”) comprise an investment vehicle for KPMG member firms. KPMG Capital is not open to third-party investment and does not provide any professional services to clients. KPMG Capital Operations is a member firm in the KPMG global network. KPMG Capital and its group entities are legally distinct and separate from KPMG International Cooperative, a Swiss entity, and each KPMG member firm.

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