Global innovation hubs

Global innovation hubs

Collaborate, visualize and explore in KPMG firms’ network of global innovation hubs and insights centers.

KPMG’s network of innovation environments help make sense of data.

Visualize solutions and explore the art of the possible

Expand the boundaries of your business and sharpen your competitive edge in KPMG’s network of leading-edge immersive environments and centers.

Make sense of your data and visualize potential solutions to your most complex challenges. KPMG’s network of labs, innovation centers and visualization environments allow business leaders to interact directly with their data and see their solutions come to life in ways they never imagined possible.

These facilities and environments are made up of:

Insights Centers: Explore the art of the possible and address your most critical risk, performance and growth challenges in KPMG’s collaborative, next-generation working environments. With Insights Centers already operating in Frankfurt, London and Hong Kong – and others opening in New York, Sydney and Melbourne in the near future – Insights Centers are helping create new and innovative solutions around the world.

Data Observatory: The Data Observatory (DO), an initiative between KPMG in the UK and Imperial College London, features an enveloping circular wall of 64 monitors powered by 32 computers facilitating 313 degrees of surround vision. Opened in November 2015, the DO provides an opportunity for academics and industry to visualize data in a way that uncovers new insights, and promotes the communication of complex data sets and analysis in an immersive and multi-dimensional environment.

D&A Centers of Excellence: KPMG’s D&A Centers of Excellence (COE) serve as an internal ‘hub’ between KPMG member firms, providing specialized talent and high-capacity delivery centers to expand on the delivery of D&A services and help member firm clients achieve rapid results. These COEs work with some of the largest data sets in the world and leverage deep domain expertise in software and data engineering, data science, advanced visualization, artificial intelligence and robotics to help member firms better serve their clients.

Ignition Centers: Collaborate with partners and uncover new ideas in dedicated, project-focused workspaces designed for information sharing, collaboration and improved creative efficacy in KPMG Ignition Centers. Operating much like a leading technology park or business incubator, Ignition Centers bring clients face-to-face with the KPMG spirit of innovation and deep intellectual capabilities.

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