Organizations are increasingly reliant on third-party suppliers to deliver business-critical products and services to their clients and customers. They are also finding that failures by third-parties can rapidly tarnish their reputations and have significant downstream operational and cost implications.

As organizations address their concerns around these issues, it is evident that they need a clear strategy for the selection, approval, and management of third-parties. As there is a myriad of stakeholders involved, from the business as well as the procurement and risk oversight functions, developing and implementing this strategy continues to be highly challenging.

As businesses adjust to new operating conditions, in the wake of the disruption caused by global events and economic uncertainty, many will reassess the risk profile of their third-parties and re-evaluate their own resilience. As businesses do so, the need for a robust and sustainable TPRM program will be more important than ever before.

Our Services

Vendor Management

  • Centralized Vendor Repository
  • Add, Edit or Delete Vendors
  • Manage Vendor Credentials
  • Manage Vendor Point of Contacts
  • Filter Vendors by Location

  • Analysis

  • Enables Client to compare vendors
  • Client can perform various analysis of vendor
  • Functionality for graphical presentation
  • Perform Trend Analysis of Vendor

  • Assessment Management

  • Vendor performs self-evaluation
  • Functionality for Audit team for self-evaluations
  • Manage Vendor Credentials
  • Functionality for Audit team to fill audit comments, observation details, risk rating and recommendations

  • Assessment Execution

  • Enables the Client to assess vendors
  • Vendor perform self-evaluation
  • Functionality to specify population, sample size etc

  • Assessment Management

  • Enables client to tailor assessments specific to each vendor
  • Track vendor assessments to closure Create Assessments based on industry & specific standards (like ISO 27001, BITS FISAP, HIPAA etc.)
  • Add client defined compliance standard

  • Reporting

  • Generate Exception based report
  • Report domain wise exceptions
  • Can be downloaded in Editable Microsoft Excel format

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