Privacy and Data protection have become imperative in today’s digital business world. Customers and regulators increasingly demand adequate protection of personal data. 

A data-driven economy along with the deployment of privacy-invasion technology is growing, and the quantity and impact of privacy-related scandals are increasing. Privacy regulations worldwide are being amended, enhancing the private rights and protection of individual data. 

Organizations need to substantially change their data privacy framework to be compliant with these regulations.

Living in an age of Data Driven Economy

  • Evolving Businesses with a proliferation of Mobile internet & connected devices.
  • An increasing amount of personal data is shared and accessed online.
  • Connected devices may surpass 20 Billion thresholds by 2020
  • Evolving cyber threats are focusing more on personal identifiers.

Data Privacy Law in Kuwait & Neighboring countries

Kuwait CBK - Cyber Security Framework

Central Bank of Kuwait published the cybersecurity framework for the banking sector in Kuwait. The framework defines three core principles that enhance cybersecurity and resilience capabilities.

Egypt Personal Data Protection

The Law aims to safeguard the rights of individuals in Egypt in respect of their personal data and to place responsibilities on businesses and other organizations in how they process personal data.  

Bahrain Personal Data Protection Law

Bahrain Personal Data Protection Law applies to individuals & businesses who collect personal data of individuals living in Bahrain.

How we can help?

Identify data actors and conduct current state assessment with respect EU GDPR requirements

Define criteria for determining high risk process and classify business processes

Discuss the current state assessment report with identified risks and recommendations.

Provide recommendations to mitigate the risk identified

Develop Data Privacy Framework, policies and procedures based on EU GDPR requirements

Conduct EU GDPR training for key stakeholders.

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