It has been highly evaluated by students who participated from Japan as well as overseas. With the huge outbreak of COVID-19, attention to long-term internships has been remarkably increasing. Responding to these needs, KIT has started various new initiatives including "Learning from Professionals" session that we launched on January 26th, 2021.

This session aims to give students more time to "think about their careers" in addition to acquiring technical skills while participating in the internship. Internship programs are often more focused on acquiring skills. However, we believe career planning is also an important thing that students should start doing. It will be a valuable and unique opportunity to directly hear the experience from the "leaders of the company where I work". Currently, 5 more sessions are planned, and professionals with various backgrounds in KIT will share their experiences with intern students under the theme "things that you want to tell yourself if you are in college now". 

In the first session, Joseph Norton, Head of the Technology Division, talked about "what he enjoyed learning the most when he was a student, what he should have learned more", "best and worst moments he had at work," "his belief in work as a professional" and so on.

"I felt that it was very much similar to the career I am pursuing. It seems that I can draw a more concrete career path by listening to his experiences", "I deeply sympathized with how engineers face, tackle, and struggle with product development. I felt that the project I am actually working on even closer to me", said some of the attendees. Each comment showed a very positive impression.

KIT uses innovative technology to provide better services and also supports young talents who aim to become engineers from various aspects. We would like to continue to train many young engineers through our internship program and contribute to the development of the technology industry.


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