KPMG Ignition Tokyo (KIT) hosted a session for the 73rd Japan America Student Conference (JASC)on August 16.

In the session, our CEO Masayuki Chatani introduced the company followed by the presentation by KIT Lab Director Masatake Toyota on KIT’s focused latest technology, as well as a presentation by People and Culture Division Director Spencer Oscarson on Diversity and Inclusion showcasing KIT’s diverse company culture made of employees gathered from 27 countries. We also held small group discussions on several topics, including one facilitated by KIT CSO Tim Denley. Over 50 students from Japan and the United States attended the session.

JASC attendees commented: "I was able to know what the latest technology really is, and the image of our society coexisting with them became clearer.", " Until now, I could only see our social problems very vaguely, but by deepening our understanding of current technology it seems possible for me to think more deeply about what will become a social issue in the future.", "Diversity & Inclusion is now becoming a big word these days. It was my first time to see a company with such diversity in Japan. Since it is an area that should be focused on going forward especially in Japan, it was a very meaningful opportunity to learn the actual company culture like that."

KPMG Ignition Tokyo is driving the development of cutting-edge technology based on the slogan “Make the Impossible Possible” and will continue to provide support to foster young professionals who will embody this.  

1 The Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) is a student-led exchange program, initiated in 1934 by university students concerned by the breakdown of bilateral relations prior to the Second World War. JASC alternates its host country every year, emphasizing the personal connections between two distinct cultures gathered together in one place.

73rd Japan-America Student Conference

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