Tougher expectations by regulators and other stakeholders now mean that corporations and financial institutions should demonstrate better discipline, control and responsibility from all levels of an organization.

KPMG can assist with Internal Control Over Financial Reporting services, which includes:

  • risk assessment and identifying key significant accounts and processes
  • documenting risk and control matrices
  • documenting narratives and flowcharts
  • test of design and test of operating effectiveness 

These services are beneficial for operational or regulatory requirements and for continuous monitoring. We can also leverage our data and analysis tool, KPMG Sofy Suite to integrate the controls, risks, objectives and processes which can help drive a preventative controls programme through continuous monitoring of the systems controls and data.

Let your data tell you where to focus your compliance activities on to reduce unexpected outcomes and focus on real exceptions. Use our library of automated standard controls and configure the tool to support your business specific controls. By automating the control execution you can reduce manual efforts and increase quality. Clear data & analytics dashboards allow you to show all stakeholders to obtain real-time compliance and process insights


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