Support services

Support services

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We believe in the highest standards. After all, the first step of doing great work externally is operating at the highest levels internally. KPMG’s business support professionals – including our people in finance, HR, IT and facilities – help make sure we’re leading the way in the field and constantly meeting the expectations we set for ourselves. As a member of one of our support services teams, you’ll have the opportunity to make a genuine impact on our organization. 


Our facilities have innovation at their core, and our facilities professionals are the key to making sure they continue to run smoothly. That means a commitment to continued sustainability – many of our buildings are LEED certified and we always seek to incorporate the latest technologies. And in 2014, as part of our commitment to supporting biodiversity, we welcomed 40,000 new members to our team – bees! – that live and work on the roof of our UK offices. 


KPMG is a US$24.8 billion organization, so ensuring the smooth financial running of our extensive global network brings a genuine sense of satisfaction. Progressive business tools, critical analysis and complex modeling help our finance teams keep track of the numbers and meet the high standards of our work.  


In 2014, we recruited 54,000 people globally and managed the performance of 162,000 people – in 155 countries. So whether you’re looking to pursue a specialist or generalist HR career, you can look forward to working in partnership with the business and developing and implementing truly progressive programs, policies and processes.  


An IT career at KPMG will be challenging – we can promise you that much. But we can also guarantee that no matter what you’re working on – from finding new ways to facilitate mobile working to helping shape how our business shares knowledge – you’ll collaborate with talented colleagues around the world. 


Our sales, marketing & communications team makes sure we get our message out there to help shape opinion. This team handles everything, from brand management, events, sponsorships, and proposals to competitive intelligence, internal communications, business development and PR – to name a few. You will help us stay at the forefront of the market, telling our story and sharing the insight our firms have to offer.