Riccardo Di Stefano

Associate Partner, Studio Associato - Consulenza legale e tributaria

KPMG in Italy

Studio Associato - Consulenza legale e tributaria

Based between Rome and Milan, Riccardo is a Senior Manager working in the area of KPMG Multi Family Office & Private Client services. His areas of expertise are wide-ranging and include advice to high and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Riccardo has years of experience advising clients on personal taxation, including capital gains tax, inheritance tax and trust planning, with a particular focus on tax-efficient structuring. His special area of expertise is the taxation of individuals with non-domicile tax status.

Riccardo has also worked on corporate tax planning strategies, restructuring projects and double tax treaty application as well as on matters concerning private groups owned and controlled by families. He also has long experience in helping clients to reach settlements with the Revenue Agency after tax audits.

  • Degree in Economics

  • Masters in International Taxation and Tax Planning