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  1. Tax Relief for individuals: In light of the buoyant tax collections during the current year, relief for individuals through realignment of income slabs and tax rates under both the normal and concessional tax regimes
  2. Alignment of rates between foreign and domestic companies: Reduction in tax rates for foreign companies (including foreign banks) to harmonise them with the reduced rates applicable to domestic companies 
  3. Rationalisation of TDS provisions: Considering the gradual increase in the scope of domestic TDS provisions and the wide range of TDS rates, a rationalization of domestic TDS provisions involving a reduction in TDS rates and alignment of rates across different payment categories
  4. Clarifications on the scope of TDS on benefits and perquisites: Clarifications on the scope of TDS under section 194R on benefits and perquisites to eliminate uncertainty and potential litigation
  5. Pillar 2 Implementation: Roadmap for the implementation of Global Minimum Tax Rules in India, including facilitation of a public consultation process
  6. Significant Economic Presence (SEP): Increase in SEP thresholds and relief from return filing requirements in cases where treaty relief is available in respect of SEP income
  7. Work from Home and SEZ units: Clarifications on the continued availability of section 10AA benefits in respect of work undertaken by employees working from home in accordance with the modified SEZ Rules
  8. Equalisation Levy: Clarifications on the scope of equalisation levy, including a specific exclusion for intra-group transactions undertaken over non-public digital platforms 
  9. Goods and Services Tax (GST) Appellate Tribunal: GST Appellate Tribunals to be set up at the earliest for faster resolution of pending litigation 
  10. Centralised Advance Ruling Authority (AAR): Centralised AAR needed in light of contradictory rulings and to achieve the objective of ‘One Nation, One Tax, One Market’
  11. Pan-India applicability of advance rulings(Customs Act, 1962): Advance rulings under customs to be made applicable on a Pan-India basis, to avoid different approaches being adopted by different Commissionerates
  12. Acceptance of surety bonds instead of bank guarantee:  Customs department should accept surety bonds instead of bank guarantees so as to facilitate trade and ease working capital.