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4 weekends

Course duration

16+ hours

Learning hours

August 2024

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For more details on the programme, reach out to 

Himanshu Anand
+91 9818445354

Programme overview

Certification in advanced facilitation and training skills is an immersive and application-oriented programme designed to help participants develop pivotal skills across three critical levels:

  • Build foundational facilitation skills: Empower you with the confidence to facilitate diverse business scenarios, applying core principles of adult learning principles
  • Engage diverse audiences: Equip you with essential tools and techniques to effectively engage different sets of audiences across a spectrum of business contexts
  • Drive stakeholder alignment: Enable you to foster stakeholder alignment and rally them towards common business goals.

What’s in it for you?


hours of immersive learning



high-impact modules



Day in person facilitation challenge



hours of self-paced Instructional Design


Gain a hands-on experience in facilitating different types of meetings learning sessions, and team huddles.


Learn highly effective practical tools and techniques to facilitate engaging sessions, whether in-person or virtual.


Immerse yourself in a two-day facilitation challenge, guided by seasoned practitioners and certified instructors from KPMG in India.


Equips you with the knowledge and skills required to create impactful learning experiences.


Programme highlights


  • Masterclasses and expert sessions by industry leaders and practitioners
  • Personalised feedback from seasoned facilitators
  • Application-focused learning with practical insights
  • Networking and peer to peer learning
  • Certification from KPMG in India

How would the programme empower you?

  • Learn and apply the 4 core competencies of facilitation across formats and in different situations
  • Identify gaps in your own facilitations style and be able to correct the same
  • Practice each of the facilitation competencies and gain feedback on your strengths and areas of improvement
  • Apply facilitation tips and techniques to engage your audience by making your content relevant and easy-to-absorb for learners
  • Initiate your journey to coaching in-the-moment as a facilitator in business situations as well as in a learning environment

Who is this programme for?

The programme has been carefully crafted for professionals, with up to 15 years of experience, with the following professional profiles:

Trainer Community

Product, process, or behavioural trainers, as well as human resource professionals stepping into facilitation roles


Leaders As Teachers

Business leaders eager to mentor and coach their teams, leveraging their wealth of domain expertise



School teachers and college professors aiming to ignite curiosity among their learners and enhance engagement and knowledge retention


Eligibility criteria: The programme is open only for professionals with up to 15 years of experience.

Why facilitation is a crucial skill today?

    Drive alignment

    While driving alignment within teams and among stakeholders, effective facilitation skills empower you to guide diverse teams towards a shared goal

    Enhance productivity

    The ability to foster meaningful conversations and create impactful learning environments is vital to driving productivity. A facilitative approach enhances participation, collaboration, and ultimately, higher levels of performance

    Conflict resolution

    During conflict or chaos, skilled facilitators can serve as catalysts for resolution, and drive critical progress in situations where conventional autocracy would typically fail

Programme outline

    Module 1 | Foundational skills in Facilitation

    Module 2 | Engaging the audience

    Module 3 | Driving towards a common goal

    Module 4 | Well-rounded facilitator

Meet the faculty

  • Jagpreet Brar - Director, KPMG in India

    Jagpreet is a highly experienced professional with over two decades of cross-industry expertise. He leverages his proficiency in consulting, coaching, and training.

  • Gunjan Ramchandani - Technical Director, KPMG in India

    Gunjan is a distinguished leader in the field of L&D.
    With over 20+ years of experience in talent development, capability building, culture transformation, coaching, L&D, curriculum design and management, talent assessments.

  • Sahil Nayar - Senior Associate Director, KPMG in India

    Sahil is a Certified MBTI, NLP Practitioner, He brings with him rich experience in crafting human centered design experiences across the candidate and employee lifecycle.

  • Arun Babbar - Associate Director , KPMG in India

    Arun is a highly accomplished L&D professional with a remarkable career spanning over 15 years, focusing on client services and team management.

  • Prashant Dhyani - Manager, KPMG in India

    Prashant has over 10 years of multi experience across risk and leadership consulting and also internal L&D roles. He facilitated several high-stake training and coaching programmes anchored in applied behavioural skills.

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Application process

To complete the application process, please reach out to: Himanshu Anand

Phone: +91 9818445354

Email: in-fmsalesfsc@kpmg.com


Programme fee

Programme fees: INR 25,000 plus taxes

*EMI options available