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Given the fact that 34.5 per cent of India’s population currently resides in urban settings, and that this proportion is expected to go up to 40 per cent 1 by the year 2030, improving the quality of living for India’s urban dwellers, as well as enhancing their access to better livelihoods are key to meeting India’s aspirations as a nation. Many of our cities have grown organically without adequate prior planning.

One of the challenges of the Indian urban administration is to retrofit features like transportation systems, power, water supply and sanitation grids onto layouts and patterns that have often grown in an unplanned manner. There is an increased need for integrated, sustainable, technology enabled inclusive development of physical, institutional, socio and economic infrastructure of cities. Thus, paving the way towards attracting investments and enhancing the quality of life.

With a multi-sector skilled team focusing on next generation cities, we are engaged with the Ministry of Urban Development, state governments, regional development authorities and urban local bodies helping drive urban transformation. Our suite of offerings includes visioning and policy preparation, city diagnostics, city master planning, economic and financial modelling, technology led solutions, program management and governance advisory.

Footnote: 1 Road to sustainable smart cities, KPMG in India, March 2021 

Key Service Offerings

  • Integrated township planning and management

  • Sustainable smart city conceptualization and support in monitoring the implementation

  • Market assessment, transaction advisory, fund planning and administration

  • E-governance solution, revamping system architecture, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Implementation

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