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The world is facing ongoing economic, social, and political challenges, including recovery from a series of economic shocks and a global pandemic. Governments are re-conceptualising their roles as market stewards, while industries are pursuing new partnership and growth models. Investors are looking for sustainable value.

Bringing in fresh investments is the key to India’s sustainable and inclusive growth. While most attention is focused on the central government, India’s state governments are also vying for investments to ensure economic development in their states. KPMG in India has been at the helm driving collaborations with multiple state governments by providing strategic guidance to facilitate and accelerate investments.

We work at the intersection of government and private sector for collaboration with various governments to explore avenues for job creation and help create an enabling business environment. We follow a transformational approach towards job creation by leveraging strategic interventions across domains for facilitating investments, promoting trade and, encouraging entrepreneurship, thereby developing a conducive ecosystem for large industries, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and startups to thrive.

KPMG in India’s Economic Growth practice has successfully delivered projects that can be replicated globally and has acquired an integrated International Financial Institution (IFI) approach while establishing global collaborations. We bring on-board immense experience and expertise to deliver similar programmes across various emerging markets.

Key Service Offerings

Economic competitiveness

Entrepreneurship ecosystem development

Investment attraction

Enabling trade

Impact Created

    Helped 8 Indian states in improving the ease of doing business through implementation of Business reforms Action Plan and State Single Window System

    Assisted 4 Indian states Startup policy implementation as a part of Start-up Mission

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