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We aim to facilitate organisations in evaluating their data privacy posture by gaining in-depth knowledge of the implementation of pertinent policies and systems and in establishing a privacy framework that complies with relevant regulatory requirements

How can we help?

  • Assist in assessing the privacy posture, identify risks and support in remediation based on industry leading practices
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of a data privacy management framework and standard operating procedures
  • Assist in setting up a broad-ranging privacy strategy and compliance programme to sustain good practices, including managed services
  • Assist in understanding the privacy enhancing technology requirements, identify the right privacy tools and support in implementation through our various alliance partnerships
  • Assist in readiness to various certifications, assurance standards such as ISO 27701, ISO 27017, SOC2 Privacy, Privacy by Design seals, etc.

Our key service offerings

  • Privacy Regulatory Compliance Assessment
  • Personal Data Inventorisation
  • Privacy Enhancing Technology Implementation
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Privacy Maturity Assessment and Industry Benchmarking
  • Privacy Awareness Trainings and E-learning Modules
  • Privacy Framework, Policies and Procedures Development
  • Privacy Managed Services
  • Third Party Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Privacy Law Applicability Study
  • Data Flow Mapping

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