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Navigating ESG: Crafting sustainable strategies for business success
Choosing wisely and driving impact in a changing world

In the last decade, we have witnessed rapid evolvement of the entire ESG discourse.  Whilst climate change and social factors are here for all to see, we still see a divided house, in that a few corporates are well and truly down the path of embracing ESG in everything they do, and others, still in denial.  A large number of corporate boards are still failing to understand that the ESG agenda goes beyond ethical considerations and it is very much into the realm of good business, and shall I say, sustainable and profitable business.

Understandably, charting an ESG agenda and roadmap is more nuanced than one can imagine. Drawing on insights from our interactions with directors and business leaders, some of the key factors for boards and leaders to consider are:

  • Are our ESG priorities aligned with values, culture, and corporate goals?
  • Is our board ESG literate and is it structured to provide strategic oversight and direction on ESG issues?
  • Does the company engage with, and understand, the ESG priorities of its key stakeholders?
  • Do we have the right systems, controls and data to make strategic decisions and meaningfully report on ESG issues?

Finding answers to questions such as these will not only mitigate risks, but also boost reputation, attract responsible investors and future-proof success.

ESG is more than a trend; it’s a watermark in everything we do because the choices we make today shape the world we live in tomorrow!