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Harnessing technology for creating sustainable impact
Exploring digital solutions to address ESG challenges

Let’s talk today about a global issue today - CLIMATE!  

Fighting climate change means mitigating the physical and environmental risk for a sustainable future. 

Modern companies have two levers to achieve this- Data and Technology. For example,

  • Connected Devices and sensors to move from post facto ESG reporting to real time reporting that can reflect true market valuations
  • Artificial Intelligence can read the patterns of demand and energy consumption and help supply chain optimization
  • Machine Learning models can be used to streamline ESG KPI's, and
  • GenAI techniques can be leveraged to build various ML models based on different ESG methodologies.

Some of the direct benefits of these tech interventions include:

  • Transparency in reporting
  • reduced cost of compliance and thereby
  • accelerate the net zero timelines 

At KPMG in India we believe, tech driven ESG and a responsible AI framework serves as a strategic enabler, seamlessly integrating ESG considerations into core business strategies and processes thereby eliminating the heavy cost of inaction