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The definition of corporate success is undergoing a significant transformation. Gone are the days when a company's performance was measured solely by its financial bottom line. In its place, a more holistic approach is emerging, one that places equal importance on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, alongside traditional financial metrics. These factors have become extremely integral to the business strategy, if companies are looking at building sustainable brands.

KPMG in India recently organised a roundtable in our Gurugram office and discussed how we are witnessing a shift as companies today, are now realising that sustainability and responsible business practices are key imperatives to building future ready organisations. Even from a financial standpoint, they are now proactively integrating ESG factors into their decision-making processes, reflecting a growing awareness of the interconnectedness between business operations, societal well-being, and environmental sustainability.

Key takeaways from the discussion

  • Recognition of ESG as a driver of long-term value creation
  • Attracting the positive affirmation of clients, lenders and investors is one of the most significant advantages of having an ESG programme. With all stakeholders increasingly evaluating environmental and social performance as a criterion, creating sustainable brands makes strategic sense
  • Having an ESG programme helps in boosting brand recognition and promoting customer loyalty with today’s consumers and B2B supply chains, both increasingly aware of the power of ethical spending. They care more than ever about what a company does to support sustainability and wider long-term societal and environmental issues.

Lastly, everyone agreed that no company’s ESG journey will be the same, and its essential to keep abreast of the rapid changes in customer expectations and regulatory demands in your sector, so as to leverage ESG to build a stronger, more resilient and sustainable corporate brand.

Media Coverage

The roundtable garnered good media coverage with KPMG’s Global Head of ESG, John McCalla Leacy, sharing his views on consumer preferences for ESG brands with a leading business news channel, CNBC TV18. The same can be watched here.

Additionally, key highlights from the roundtable were also covered by CNBCTV18 Online. The story can be read here.

Glimpses of the Roundtable