Television continues to remain the dominant media platform in India despite the rapid growth of OTT platforms during the pandemic. The unparalleled reach of 900 million viewers, affordability, the volume of original content available coupled with the challenges in fixed broadband penetration in India provide a long runway for the growth and predominance of the TV platform in India. Amongst all the genres of content consumed through television, sports has the highest reach. During the first nine months of the year 2022, content related to sports was consumed by approximately 722 million viewers. The growth of India as a sporting nation is also being driven by the successes of Indian athletes on prestigious international platforms. The advertisers’ interest in sports broadcasts has grown strongly with the increasing viewership and demographic reach offered by sports properties. Both traditional and new age businesses have turned the spotlight on sports broadcasting with this segment recording revenues of approximately INR7,560 crore in FY22. Through this whitepaper, we aim to highlight the growth drivers for sports broadcasting in India, the future growth potential and how the various players in the value chain stand to gain from it.

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