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About the programme

KPMG in India is launching its flagship mentorship programme for startups new-age companies called “KPMG Private Enterprise Access’ programme. This 12-month thematic programme is run by our Emerging Giants team for businesses that want to make big moves and big decisions. The programme is divided into three sprints of four months each to really focus on key areas important for growth. Some key features of the programme are as below:

  • KPMG Private Enterprise Access programme for startups offers the some of the industry-best scaleups an ‘access all areas’ experience with KPMG in India
  • Cohort-based programme – making it relevant and topical for your organisation and peers
  • Workshops and networking sessions to help you make the most of the programme, which may be in mixed groups, in your cohort or in some cases one-on-one
  • Sessions led by industry experts, KPMG in India’s subject matter experts and members from the investor community
  • Curated networking and roundtable sessions with KPMG in India, corporates and VCs throughout the programme
  • A graduation event at the end of your 12-month journey
  • An invitation to be a programme alum.

Access your vision


We are looking for companies who want to make big moves and big decisions. If you are looking at raising your first major investment, scaling fast and want to lay the right foundations to turbocharge your growth, then we want to hear from you.

Join one of our themed Scaleups Cohorts for a 12-month journey of growth as we support you through the most exciting and critical phase of your business journey.

Whether it be accessing our networks of corporates, gaining insights from friendly investors, or connecting with our teams of experts both here in India and globally, KPMG Private Enterprise Access is here to help you grow and to grow in the right way.

Our global Emerging Giants centres of excellence were built because we believe in you and what you can achieve. We believe in businesses that will provide the courage and innovation to solve the biggest and most pressing issues out there. Now is the time to unlock your potential by working with us to help you realise and achieve your ambitions.

Access all areas

With this programme, we offer some of the industry-best scaleupsan "access all areas" bespoke experience with KPMG in India.

Once you have joined one of our cohorts, we will provide you with structured guidance and resources to get you to where you want to be across three distinct phases of your journey. In Phase 1, we will work with you to lay the foundations, ensuring you can achieve sustainable growth for the long term. In Phase 2, we will focus on how you can scale and improve your chances of winning in your market. In our final phase, we will make it real, bring it all together and help you to make the big decisions on where you go next. But most importantly, throughout the whole 12 months, we will give you:


Access to investors...

Access to talent...

Access to customers and markets...

Access to us...

We share your ambition, and we want to be a part of your future. KPMG Private Enterprise Access will run in thematic cohorts centred around areas we can see real disruption and innovation. Our first cohorts will be Energy and Natural Resources (ENR), Software-as-a-service (SaaS). But we will continue to add to these in response to future market trends.

If you fit into one of these themes and want to hear more about KPMG Private Enterprise Access, get in touch!

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Potential benefits to startups


This programme boasts of several potential benefits for participating startups over the span of 12 months and beyond. Some of these key benefits are:

  • A dedicated cohort lead who will help you to derive the value from the programme
  • Quarterly interaction with KPMG in India leaders
  • Monthly one-on-one interaction with SMEs basis focus area/domain
  • Opportunity to interact with a Unicorn founder every quarter
  • Exposure to leading PE/VC/Angel investors every quarter
  • Opportunity to be evaluated for our open innovation platform, an opportunity to build a joint GTM with KPMG in India to sell-with
  • Access to KPMG’s global network of knowledge repository, forums, events & discussions in India and globally


  • It is a 12-month national programme in themed cohorts of up to 15 businesses. We are actively recruiting businesses for the Future of ENR and Future of SaaS cohorts.
  • The programme has been designed to support you through the most exciting and critical phase of your journey. It will provide you ‘access all areas’ experience with KPMG – India and globally, in addition to accessing our network of corporates and gaining insights from investors.
  • Each cohort will receive a bespoke experience of relevant support covering knowledge and insights, talent, customers and new markets. The support provided will be in three distinct phases: laying the foundations, turbocharging growth, and taking the next steps. Examples of support include themed round tables (e.g., ESG, growth and exit planning) working with corporates, governance, and boards, building your team and international growth.
  • The programme provides at least 30 hours of support through workshops, curated networking and roundtable sessions with KPMG in India, corporates and VCs.
  • KPMG Private Enterprise Access is a subscription-based mentorship programme priced at INR50,000 per month. The total fee for one year is adjusted against any engagement that you have with KPMG in India over the next 12-month period.
  • We are looking for companies who want to make some big moves and take some big decisions. If you are looking at that first major investment, growth, and in one of our key theme areas then KPMG Private Enterprise Access is truly what you need.
  • We would love to hear more about you, your business and provide further insight into the programme to decide if it’s the right fit for your business and the stage of your growth journey. Simply respond to this over email (xxx) and let us know when you are free to chat or just give us a call!

Contact us

Sidharth Tewari

Director, Private Enterprise - Emerging Giants Program, Innovation Council - Open Innovation Platform
KPMG in India