ENRich 2019: Navigating energy transition

ENRich 2019: Navigating energy transition

KPMG in India’s flagship Energy and Natural Resources Conclave

KPMG in India’s flagship Energy and Natural Resources Conclave

Climate and the world of energy are intricately linked. At the turn of the century, the global economic growth and the need for energy related resources were growing apace. That relation is now significantly altered.  While global GDP is anticipated to double, energy demand is likely to grow only by 30 percent between now and 2040. However, this is not good enough. As reported by ‘The Economist’ the world is 10C hotter than it was about a hundred years ago, and local impacts are even more accentuated.  

Economies have started transitioning their energy sector to manage the climate imperative. Indian energy sector has also started the transformation. Renewable energy is gaining share in the energy basket, and over time, it will displace carbon heavy alternatives. The economy is moving towards electrification across board. Industries dependent on traditional energy and resources economies need to transition. 

We need to navigate effectively for a better future.  The new paradigm in energy and natural resources presents opportunities for greater inclusion, employment, economic efficiency, competitiveness and such other. It can also help unleash a new wave of digital revolution because energy infrastructure of the future can become the new internet.

Along with these opportunities, there could be adversities emerging from the energy transition. Energy infrastructure has substantial long-term capital lock-ins, thus timing of new investments is increasingly becoming tricky as are the efforts in financing the high cost high gestation capital assets.  


ENRich 2019, the tenth edition of our flagship Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) conclave,  will delve into these issues as it deliberates around the core theme of Navigating Energy Transition.   The conclave will deal with various aspects of this transition including on a socially inclusive course to this transition, on technology, investments, manufacturing and deployment, demand side efficiency and promoting the circular economy, resources for shared mobility and energy equity.  In a situation that is beset with issues around utility sustainability, cost recovery and return on investments, we will deliberate through its various sessions on how these aspects can be coherently stitched together. The goal would be to evolve a robust landscape where citizens and investors in the energy economy can help evolve a benign and sustainable energy future.


ENRich 2019 themes

  • A sustainable agenda for India
  • Investing amidst the energy transitions
  • Circular economy in energy and resources
  • ENR and the evolving Autonomous Connected Electric and Shared (ACES) Economy

The discussions in ENRich 2019 will be captured through a post - event brief for policy makers and sector professionals. 


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