Growing the business

Starting your business

Let experienced advisors put you in the loop – by providing the strength and confidence you need to get off the ground.

Now is the time to turn your entrepreneurial ideas into a business reality. Let KPMG Enterprise deal with the heavy lifting, from helping you establish operations and raise capital, to international expansion and supporting with regulatory compliance.

Starting services

You had an idea. From that idea grew a company.

Whether you are a startup or on the fast-track to success, we work with companies just like yours.

Growing your business

Get set to grow. 

Whether you are looking to grow organically through mergers and acquisitions, locally, or by global expansion, discover how to break through to the next level to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

Growing services

Skilled advisors can help you identify the avenues for growth that make sense for your business.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Deal Advisory offers a full suite of services under the recently launched “One M&A” initiative. This initiative brings together our widespread portfolio of deal-related services across corporate finance, transaction services, deal strategy, valuations, special situations group, transaction tax and structuring and post-deal services. We combine deep sector knowledge, superior analytic tools and a global mindset with local expertise to help you achieve desired results. Our cohesive team of experts can help you navigate through complex and often fragmented processes.

From raising or restructuring capital, to buying or selling a business, to making strategic and policy decisions based on value, we strive to provide objective advice to our clients, challenge conventional wisdom, and employ creativity and skill in helping devise and execute an effective outcome.

Climate change and sustainability: Growing global concerns on environmental, social and safety issues have created the need for businesses to develop sustainable business models that embed economic, environmental and social principles at operational, managerial and strategic levels.

Using principles and tools that are globally accepted and tested over time, we provide our clients with a wide range of service offerings for tackling current and emerging environmental, social and governance challenges.

Strengthening your business

Drive your business to efficiently outperform in today’s fast-paced economy.

In today's fast-paced economy, it's all about driving peak performance. We are dedicated to helping you lower your risks, strengthen your operations and create an effective plan of action. We know what it takes to win and are committed to helping you get there.

Strengthening services

Drive your business to efficiently outperform in today’s fast-paced economy

C&O Services

Our service offerings focus on improving profitability of the organization across five areas:

1.     Manufacturing excellence and throughput improvement: Our services help put some of the best-in-industry operations practices in place and achieve higher output from the plant operations by setting up maintenance practices to improve reliability, daily management teams, visual controls, sustenance mechanisms.

2.     Procurement cost reduction: Our service focuses on direct material and indirect cost optimization using various levers like, share of business evaluation, zero based costing and price indexing.

3.     Planning and supply chain optimization: The service focuses on customer order fulfillment and inventory optimization by development of robust integrated sales and operating planning process, OTIF (on time in full) improvement, warehouse management and working on inventory norms 

4.     Logistic cost optimization: Our service focuses on logistics cost and network optimization issues by using levers of mode mix optimization,  fleet optimization, etc.

5.     Manpower study and assessment: Focuses on rationalization of blue collar, white collar manpower and driving optimization solutions by using levers like full-time equivalents (FTEs) optimization, span of control, automation solution and organization structure re-design.

Business intelligence: Data and analytics are used to get insights from the large volume of data for better decision-making. KPIs can be tracked and drill down is also available at the touch of a screen with single version of truth across the organization. With Big data, machine learning, and statistical modeling, data and analytics can help you predict outcomes like sales forecast, cost optimization, inventory optimization and predictive maintenance.

Cyber security: When it comes to cyber security, the world is constantly changing. New threats come up every day, while information security is becoming a critical focus of governments and regulators. Do you know your biggest cyber threats? Are you managing and protecting your client information appropriately?

You might think you are not at risk due to your size or location. But that may not be the case. Every business faces cyber threats. We can work with you to understand your biggest cyber threats and help you create a smart and cost-effective approach to protect your information, along with your reputation.

Technology Enablement: We provide end-to-end services for Microsoft Solutions for large and mid-size organizations in areas such as digital supply chain management, trade promotions management and field service. Service offerings include:

  •      Complete implementation
  •      Post implementation review
  •      Managed services
  •       Performance optimization.

Transitioning your business

Whether you plan to sell your business, launch an IPO, or pass down the leadership to the next generation, the right team can help you explore your options to foster a smooth transition. Give yourself the benefit of time and perspective to determine which outcome is right for you.

Transitioning services

Give yourself the benefit of time and perspective to determine which outcome is right for you.

Managed services (Accounting and compliance): We offer a full suite of managed services to manage/outsource or right-source the finance function for companies (completely or partially). The team brings together experience on technical accounting, relevant corporate laws and financial reporting processes along with practical experience. Our offerings include:

—  Accounting and bookkeeping

—  Virtual CFO services

—  MIS and reporting

—  Assistance in Statutory compliance

—  Withholding tax compliance

—  Assistance in Company secretarial compliances

—  Budgeting and management reporting

—  Assistance in preparation of financial statement and support during audit.

Family Office: Most businesses in India today are family-run and most Indian business houses do not have a succession plan in place for personal and/or business wealth. Unplanned succession usually results in family disputes and partition of business. Succession planning is a process in which a family plans for the transition of management, control and ownership of the business/wealth from the founder generation to the successor (next) generation.

It involves creation, preservation and transfer of the business/personal assets to achieve personal, family and business goals. The process results in protection of reputation/brand value of a group, thereby fostering continuity/prosperity of business. We assist in providing a plan/methodology to structure smooth migration/transition of wealth from one generation to another.

People and change advisory: The business environment is becoming increasingly complex and volatile. Technology is disrupting almost every industry. Organizations from unrelated industries are competing to create value in the market place. Customers have higher expectations and are empowered with insights and information about the product and the organization. Product and innovation cycles are becoming shorter. Emergence of gig workforce has given opportunities for organizations to tap into resources from a much wider pool. Given all the changes and transformations that are taking place, it is critical for the HR function to change and adapt in order to respond to the rapidly changing business environment.

Progressive organizations focus on creating employee experience (processes, technology, culture and growth), organization effectiveness through the right structure, size and quality of talent, with the relevant competencies and capabilities. Organizations that focus on their people as an integrated part of their business strategy to create a sustainable competitive foothold and business value for the stakeholders, are the ones which can sustain competitive advantage.

KPMG in India can help to execute critical business-driven goals through HR interventions to transform the performance of your organization by changing the way people are hired, led, managed and developed, through global expertise, industry insights, dedicated project teams, impactful tools and relevant technology. Our areas of expertise: organization design and strategic workforce planning, leadership assessment and development, HR transformation journey, behavioral change management and workforce analytics.