My #KPMGTechnology Experience

When Covid-19 second wave was at its peak in India, my whole family got infected. While most of were getting treated at home, my mother-in-law needed immediate hospitalization with oxygen support. But there was scarcity of hospital beds during that time. KPMG in India’s COVID task-force, which included my immediate manager, were very helpful and ensured that she got a hospital bed. Unfortunately, after a month, she passed away. With her demise, apart from the emotional loss, I was struggling with the added responsibility of managing my family and my 1.5 year-old daughter – the tasks which my mother-in-law was earlier taking care of.

My leaders and team understood my position and were fully supportive in evaluating my leave plan and then a six month sabbatical. Not just this, they also helped my join back with a part-time work option thereby managing both my personal and professional responsibilities. I take this opportunity to thank Ashwin Kelkar, Ritesh Sagar, my team and KPMG India for standing by me in my challenging time.

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