My #KPMGTechnology Experience 

After 15 years into corporate, I decided to plunge into entrepreneurship. Soon the business was hit by covid. Things went from bad to worse and in no time, I decided to wrap up the business and start afresh. I got an opportunity to join KPMG India, which initially I was quite apprehensive about. However, it’s been a year now and the journey has been amazing. Be it the leaders, the people or the culture, everyone here is super supportive. The management has been a guiding force in ensuring that I am able to do my best. My seniors extended a lot of confidence and faith which helped me propel through difficult situations with comfort and perform to the fullest.

One of the outstanding aspects at work is the ease with which a new joiner feels welcomed. The trust and confidence instilled by the leaders pushes one to thrive professionally and personally. I have also been supported to pursue a leadership program from a premier management institute in India. It feels truly blessed and I’m thankful to the firm for all the opportunities and look forward to many more!

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