My #KPMGTechnology Experience

The journey of an expecting mother is always overwhelming. The anxiety to do your best, both at work and at home is a balance which is the toughest to maintain.

Thanks to the pandemic which proved to be a blessing in disguise, with the whole WFH setup I could manage my deliverables without compromising on my health, all through my maternity leave

While maternity leave did make the first six months less stressful, the constant worry of how I would deliver at work once I resumed and look after my newborn, along with my elder one resuming offline school, gave me sleepless nights. Soon my concerns were put to rest, when HR and my supervisor assigned my name against a project that would allow me to continue working from home.

I am thankful to the firm for making sure that a mother can make a comeback without any apprehensions, allowing us to progress at each step of womanhood!

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