Holistic way to manage your SOX processes

In a world of constant change, your organization must stay on top of evolving risks.

We understand that the new generation of SOX compliance solutions must combine meaningful insights with an innovative technological platform, which is why we developed KPMG's SOX process management over monday.com.

Powered by KPMG's best practice and monday.com's work OS, we provide clients a new way to plan, perform, audit, and manage their risks and controls including:

  • Scoping assessment tool
  • Risk and controls mapping on both group and component levels
  • Plan, record and manage your controls and audits in one centralized platform making monday.com your single source of truth
  • Ease access to valuable data for your audit team while promoting streamlined communication and seamless data flow within your organization
  • Generate meaningful insights and stay updated with real time data and visual dashboards
  • Leverage automations to save valuable time and resources while reducing the chance for human error

In monday.com we offer you an easy and efficient way to evaluate risks and controls without purchasing a new platform.

But that’s not all, you can leverage monday.com to manage all sorts of other financial processes from vendor onboarding, invoice processing and PO approval up to period-end close and budget planning with no additional costs. Forget about having a different system for every process, with monday.com you can manage everything in one centralized platform allowing seamless data flow across processes and departments while achieving a holistic view and generating real time insights.

Learn more about our period-end close process.