The nature of business is changing, resulting in more complex supply and distribution channels and dependencies on unfamiliar business partners and third parties. This has created new opportunities but also new risks, challenges and potential threats for our clients. Association with an unscrupulous third party could increase financial, regulatory and reputational risk.

Corporate Intelligence is the process of obtaining information from a wide range of trusted sources to identify and better understand the risks posed by actual or prospective business partners, suppliers, customers or employees.

How KPMG can help

At KPMG, we find hard-to-access information and gather critical intelligence to inform and increase transparency. We help clients manage reputational and regulatory risks as they explore new business relationships. In addition, our expertise can add invaluable context and evidence when undertaking an investigation or entering into litigation.

Integrity due diligence

Through thorough investigation into the background, track record and connections of third parties, we can help clients identify, understand and mitigate the reputational and regulatory risks they may pose. Our team utilise proprietary KPMG tools to undertake due diligence checks for our clients.

These tools can analyse millions of data points from a range of global sources. If areas of risk are identified, KPMG can then undertake detailed, enhanced due diligence to provide our clients with the in-depth information they need to determine if this is a business relationship they wish to continue with.

Asset tracing, source of wealth and litigation support

By identifying and analysing multijurisdictional public information, evidence and intelligence to find assets, map networks and connections, KPMG can trace sources of funding, guide investigations and provide useful insights to support the dispute resolution process.

Recent case study

Our client had an existing business relationship with three individuals, two brothers and a business associate. These individuals had borrowed a substantial amount of money from our client and our client was considering its options to mitigate the risk of loss. KPMG undertook an asset tracing exercise and identified properties in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the USA, which our client had no previous visibility of. The client used this information to inform their next steps. 

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