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The KPMG EU AI Hub is a collaboration environment for clients to immerse and ideate in solving complex business, regulatory, and technical challenges across the AI lifecycle along with partner ecosystems.

The Hub currently combines unique AI insights by KPMG (KPMG’s Trusted Responsible AI), Cranium (technology platform built to drive security, trust, and compliance across AI systems) and Microsoft (AI technology frontier).

The Hub is further supported by broader KPMG AI capabilities such as Strategy, Transformation, Technology, Data Sciences and Assurance.

KPMG’s Trusted Responsible AI Framework

We understand responsible AI is a complex business, regulatory, and technical challenge, and we are committed to helping clients put it into practice end-to-end responsible AI programmes across the AI/ML lifecycle.

KPMG AI Framework
  • Fairness
    Ensure models are free from bias and equitable.
  • Explainability
    Ensure AI can be understood, documented, and open for review.
  • Accountability
    Ensure mechanisms are in place to drive responsibility across the lifecycle.
  • Security
    Safeguard against unauthorised access, corruption, or attacks.
  • Privacy
    Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and consumer data usage.
  • Safety
    Ensure AI does not negatively impact humans, property, and environment.
  • Data integrity
    Ensure data quality, governance, and enrichment steps embed trust.
  • Reliability
    Ensure AI systems perform at the desired level of precision and consistency.
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Cranium is a leading technology platform built to drive security, trust, and compliance across AI systems, enabling organisations to:

  • Gain AI visibility of internal and external AI system.
  • Assess AI Risk and Exposure Management
  • Create AI transparency reports and compliance scores against leading regulatory frameworks like the EU AI Act.
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Microsoft is committed to developing AI technology that has a beneficial impact and earns trust, while also sharing Microsoft’s own learnings and building new tools and innovations that help developers and businesses implement responsible AI practices in their own work and organisations.

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