Sean Redmond


KPMG in Ireland

Sean is a director in Risk Consulting and advises a range of leading financial services institutions in Banking. Sean has been with KPMG for over 10 years and in this time gained extensive experience and knowledge in the field of remediation and conduct related issues challenging institutions in the current heightened regulatory environment.

Sean has extensive experience in conduct related remediation projects and has critical insights into the underlying root causes of conduct issues. He has operated in a number of roles from independent oversight to design, development and implementation of large and small scale restitutions across all large pillar Irish Banks.  Sean has a particular expertise in the implementation of technology solutions through data analytics and applied intelligence to find efficiencies to significantly reduce manual review efforts and the drain on your business operations.  In addition Sean has detailed and nuanced knowledge of regulator expectations (in Ireland and in the UK) and clear understanding of regulator expectations within the financial services sector.  His knowledge and understanding is based on first-hand experience of working with industry peers and regulators on their Conduct Risk and Restitution Programmes.

Sean is part of a team who are experienced in managing diverse risk issues including: regulatory compliance, conduct and consumer risk management, risk frameworks and modelling, corporate governance and many more.