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Welcome to the latest edition of the ACI Magazine, designed to keep you, audit committee members and non-executive directors, abreast of developments in the areas of corporate governance, corporate reporting, and related matters.

Uncertainty and disruption across the global business landscape are intensifying pressures on the risk and control environment in new and unexpected ways. From economic and geopolitical volatility, growing cyber threats, and artificial intelligence to climate, talent, and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, the range and interconnectedness of risks and macro forces are putting corporate governance to the test.

In this issue

In this publication, we seek to highlight areas that Audit Committee members should consider. Topics covered within relate to; our latest Audit Committee Survey results for Ireland; UK Audit reform developments; the role of the Board in the oversight of Artificial Intelligence; Audit Committee considerations relevant to nature and biodiversity. We have also provided an update on recent regulatory and reporting requirements.

Our latest survey findings demonstrate the expanding scope and complexity of the audit committee’s workload – particularly in the areas of ESG, cybersecurity and digital activities. These areas have been identified by audit committee members as areas of potential oversight gaps given the involvement of multiple board committees. Audit Committee members should ensure that any potential oversight gaps are identified, understood and addressed in a timely manner given the importance of these areas from a risk and reporting perspective. 

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