Growing need to increase speed to mission delivery

Mission delivery is fast becoming a top priority for government organisations around the world. To increase speed to mission delivery, national and local governments are combining separate business and technology strategies into a single delivery strategy. Technology drives this strategy.

The need to deliver faster will likely continue to push ahead in order for governments to operate efficiently and safely, comply with regulations, and maintain citizen trust. Commercial experiences and ways of working drive citizens, employees, and other constituents to expect faster delivery with a better experience. Technology and data environments are more complex. Cyber threats intensify daily. New regulations require significant operational changes. Government leaders realise the importance of a resilient, agile organisation to evolve with organisation needs, especially after events during 2020.

Each factor calls for government technology functions to link spending with value as they modernise how they deliver products and services. Technology departments have an opportunity to enable connected governments that can power faster mission delivery. These forward-leading organisations will have aligned front, middle, and back offices able to deliver citizen-centric, digitally enabled services. Governments should reimagine their technology delivery models to seize this opportunity.

The challenge is many government organisations’ digital transformation efforts are further behind than leaders thought. They need help to fill the gap between where they are in their digital transformation journey and where they need to be. After reading this article, government leaders may better understand the importance of increasing speed to delivery and the urgency of reimagining information technology (IT) delivery models to reach citizens and constituents faster. The model we describe in the article can help increase speed to delivery.

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