The question is not if, but when to consider security

Companies like Uber and Lyft operate with the goal to provide the ultimate digital experience. Users’ experiences are seamless while locations, maps, credit cards, traffic, and other personal and private information moves at high speed.

Common experiences we have every day inspire great ideas. They spawn citizen digital experiences where designers and developers focus on seamless functionality and convenience. Often security is an afterthought. Securing the digital experience is not new. What’s new and critically needed is to build security in from the first vision of the citizen digital experience.

Security is traditionally a separate topic. One that many believe gets in the way of innovation. Some project teams prefer to address security later in the development process to avoid delays and additional cost. This article is intended to help government programme managers as well as leaders who oversee technology, information, and security understand why it is vital to build security into the digital experience from the beginning, and recommended methods to start.

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