The current market landscape presents a difficult period for telecommunications companies. Despite strong historical consumer revenue, these companies are facing narrow margins due to the significant investments made in 5G infrastructure to address the sudden increase in broadband demand during COVID-19 pandemic and the projected surge in demand drive by various 5G applications. Our Energy, Utilities and Telecoms team outline how industry leaders can keep up with the pace of change below.

Traditional and non-traditional players have intensified competition, while evolving customer expectations and market dynamics have introduced further challenges. The prospect of an impending recession and regulatory pressures have also contributed to a climate of uncertainty. 

This report outlines four future telecoms business models that are currently emerging around the world. It identifies some of the key capabilities that KPMG professionals believe are required to succeed in each model. And it offers practical steps to help today’s telecoms leaders envision — and create — the future. 

Signals of change

While change is constant in the telco business, the factors driving change are constantly shifting. This report identifies and drills down into some of the most significant market factors that should currently be on telco leaders’ minds.

  1. Traditional business models are being challenged
  2. Escalating customer expectations
  3. Hyper-competitive hyperscalers
  4. A possible global recession
  5. Technology can create new opportunities — and threats
  6. Fulfilling the ESG agenda
  7. Telcos likely can’t avoid stricter regulations indefinitely

As the signals of change put pressure on traditional telco business models, there are various strategic imperatives emerging related to each one.

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