The last two years has seen multiple seismic global events, including a pandemic, a war, national disasters due to unusual weather patterns, and the rapid adoption of disruptive technologies. These events have changed consumer decision-making criteria, behaviour and needs. KPMG’s Global Customer Experience Excellence report 2022 looks at the key trends in customer experience.

For 13 years, KPMG professionals have been asking consumers about their individual experiences with brands as part of our annual Global Customer Experience Research. Over that time, more than 550,000 consumers have been interviewed, providing more than 5.5 million individual evaluations across 39 countries, regions and jurisdictions to support our expertise in customer experience best practice. This year alone we have taken in the views of more than 89,000 consumers across 25 markets via online survey methodology.

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Irish consumers have their say

Irish consumers completed the online survey between July - August 2022 and were asked to provide their views on their experience across 11 sectors and 100 brands. Individuals across Ireland between 18-55+ years responded to the survey to ensure a representative sample.

The top ten brands in the Irish market for this year cover multiple industries; some brands are well-established local brands with a substantial heritage In Ireland, while other brands are newer to the Irish market and have made a big impact in a relatively short period of time. The top ten brands identified by Irish consumers as providing the best Customer Experience are shown below. 

Irish market in detail

2022 top ten - Ireland

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01. Credit Union

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02. IKEA

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03. Aldi

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04. Laya Healthcare


05. Smyths

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06. PayPal

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07. GoMo

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08. Revolut

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09. Dunnes Retail Stores

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10. VHI Healthcare

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To ensure research robustness, a nationally representative consumer sample was targeted for each market, to be comparable in terms of age and gender, while also targeting regional representation. To participate in the research and to be able to respond to questions on a specific company, respondents must have interacted with that company in the last 6 months. An interaction is defined as making a purchase, using the company’s products or services, contacting a company with a query, or even browsing their website or store — so not all respondents will have been existing customers of the brand they evaluated.

The rankings for each country are determined by the CEE scores of the brands surveyed. The CEE score is derived for each brand via a weighted average of the brand’s score for each of The Six Pillars. The weighting is calculated through regression analysis to understand the relative importance of each pillar in driving the two commercial outcomes measured in the analysis: advocacy and loyalty.

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