KPMG in Hungary is the appointed independent Certification Body of the EAGF-EAFRD EU agricultural Funds. Annually we provide an opinion to the European Commission, certifying the legality and regularity of expenditures made from the Funds, as well as the compliance of the Hungarian control system, contributing to the correct and effective implementation. With our objective, independent and unbiased professional approach we respect the financial interests of all involved parties.

Our compliance and accreditation services provided to the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture focus on the compliance of the internal control system that governs the implementation of the agricultural and rural development support measures. Compliance is assessed against the pre-defined set of EU criteria, covering the internal environment, control activities, IT system security, communication and monitoring.

With our work we support the smooth implementation of the agricultural subsidies and assist in the identification of best practices both locally and within the broader ranges of the EU.

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These are the Hungarian CAP Strategic Goals for the next five years

The agricultural area in Hungary is significant even on the international scale: 65.8% of the country's territory classifies as cultivated area and an additional 23.2% is covered with forests. This underlines the economic importance of a well thought out comprehensive strategic plan that serves all agricultural stakeholders. Read more on our blog! (Hungarian content)

The road toward a more simple, fair and sustainable CAP

How can we shape today’s EU food production and consumption to be equally competitive and sustainable? EU decision makers seek policy reforms for the answer. Read more on our blog! (Hungarian content)

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