Our goal is to provide our clients fair and independent value assessment to aid their internal decision making and compliance requirements.

Our services include:

One of the core services we provide is helping a board of directors with independent, secondary advice to determine the right price to pay or accept for a business.

Independent valuation advice is given to help our clients appraise investment or divestment opportunities. This includes joint ventures and alliances where valuation advice can help in pricing negotiations or in the final investment decision, as well as equity splits at formation or exit. The integration of due diligence findings into our valuation is integral to our transactional advice.

Our team provides independent advice to shareholders, the board or company on the fairness of the price and terms on a transaction, as required by the regulatory authorities. Our experience includes public take-over bids, de-mergers, squeeze-outs, and related-party transactions.

Part of our accounting support is determining the value of acquired identifiable intangible assets such as trademarks and brands, and tangible assets such as machinery and equipment, and real estate. We also undertake annual impairment reviews under US GAAP, IFRS or other accounting standards. Following a large acquisition, we can assist in allocating global purchase prices to individual legal entities in compliance with accounting and tax regulations.

Valuation advice may prove invaluable in raising equity or debt financing, including determining the value of equity to be issued to the new partners or shareholders of an entity or the valuation and equity splits at formation.

Litigation support comprises litigation or arbitration, particularly expert witness and adjudication work in valuation disputes, in areas where KPMG's Valuation Services practice bears extensive experience.

Our team of valuation experts can identify and support arm’s-length analysis for tax planning purposes in national or international environments, and provide independent advice for tax compliance purposes.

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