Our buy-side transaction services
We support our clients in business or asset acquisition projects during the entire transaction process, from planning until closing, including post-acquisition tasks. We offer the following services to our clients:

Pre-transaction evaluations
Due diligence of a target company based on publicly-available information

Evaluation of buy-side options
Identification of potential opportunities, consideration and analysis of the strengths of the business and weaknesses against industry benchmarks and other valuations

Buy-side financial, taxation and legal due diligence
Based on a client’s request, we can deliver financial due diligence (performed by our Transaction Services department) and also taxation and legal due diligence (Tax & Legal Services). Gaining a full understanding of why you are doing the deal helps focus our work in the areas of greatest interest to you. As part of our planning we deliberately take a broad view and seek to ensure that significant risk, opportunities and key value drivers within the business are identified.

We focus on the significant risks which may have an impact on the valuation of the target and which should be considered in the share purchase agreement (SPA) and post acquisition, highlighting potential deal breakers.
Typically, we perform due diligence procedures very often before the signing of an SPA (which is recommended), but we can also do the work after the signing. Oftentimes it is necessary to repeat the due diligence at the date of the closing of the transaction.

Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) assistance services
In addition to providing a due diligence report, we can also assist in drafting the financial sections of the SPA. This type of assistance focuses on three areas: definitions of financial and tax related terminology; representations, warranties & indemnities; and mechanisms for calculating Net Debt, Net Working Capital and, where required, EBITDA.

Other services
Regarding strategic and commercial intelligence and due diligence, we provide market and forecast studies in cooperation with industry specialists, competitive analyzes and identification of potential market position upsides and downsides, and post acquisition integration advice and assistance.

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