KPMG’s Transaction Services practice helps our clients plan and complete acquisition/divestiture transactions with a provision of financial due diligence and other relevant services (such as Share Purchase Agreement assistance services and closing account analysis). Our due diligence procedures can also be complemented by taxation and legal due diligence. We provide our clients with professional advice during the entire period of the transaction, from planning until closing, as well as post acquisition tasks. We can also act as transaction project manager. We help our clients to identify potential risk exposures and “deal breakers,” both in the target company and in the transaction process.

Additionally, we work with our clients to assess and analyze the proposed transactions, highlighting the value drivers, risks and opportunities in the deal. We also help developing appropriate accounting, finance and tax structures as well as advising on post-deal and integration strategies.

We provide professionally focused and skilled teams of specialists managed by experienced team leaders who have assisted in numerous transactions. KPMG supports Transaction Services teams with global resources and detailed industry knowledge of various sectors.

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